Home Videos Clueless Truck Driver Drags Sedan Miles, Unaware of Accident (Video)

Clueless Truck Driver Drags Sedan Miles, Unaware of Accident (Video)


Truck Driver Drags car for Miles (Video.) (1)

Truck Driver Gives Man A Free Ride He Didn’t Want

I’m willing to believe a truck driver can hit something and not realize it. I am. But to crush a car so intensely that it is stuck to your truck and you drag it four miles down the highway? Come on. You know what you did and you tried to run.

The truck driver, 62-year-old Pete Edward Maestas of Bakersfield, CA, took 34-year-old Javier A. Diaz Jr. of Oak Hills for a joyride until a pedestrian shouted at Maestas to pull over. The pedestrian also recorded the incident on his cell phone.

According to CBS News:

A California Highway Patrol statement said the truck was driving 30 mph northbound in the truck lane when it began to move into the left lane. The Maxima, while trying to pass into the left lane also, collided with the truck and became lodged, according to the CHP.

The best part of the video is the guy being dragged casually waves his hand out the window like he saw an old friend on the rode. “Hey man! How are ya! No, I’m fine. I was just almost crushed to death. No big deal!”