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Watch This Train Spilt a Semi in Half (Video)


Watch This Train Spilt a Semi in Half (Video.) (1)

Truck Annihilated by Oncoming Train

Someone is having a bad day. There’s no way the truck driver who got his company vehicle stuck on the tracks doesn’t get terminated. Other than the emotional hit of a likely firing, no one was hurt during the incident on Highway 42 and Bowden Road in downtown Locust Grove, Georgia.

A little more on the accident from WSB-TV:

Kelli Nichols captured incredible video of the moment the tractor-trailer was hit by an oncoming double stacked freight train.“It did shake me to the core, but I was thankful that I could tell that there weren’t any people in the truck,” Nichols said.

Maryann Morfoot has lived 100 yards from the Bowden Street crossing for nearly 40 years. She said she sees trucks stuck there all the time. Morfoot told Elliot that her biggest fear is that one day a collision will be serious enough to derail the train.

Trucks get stuck here all the time? Maybe the city should do more to prevent this situation. You can kind of see a yellow sign in the video which is likely a”Low Ground Clearance” warning. But it apparently doesn’t deter truck drivers from taking their chances. Maybe the city should add another sign. Something subtle like, “DON’T DRIVE OVER THESE TRAIN TRACKS DUMMY!”