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Guy Makes a Real-Life Flying Iron Man Suit So Get Your Wallets Ready (Video)


real iron man suit.

You Too Can Be Iron Man For the Right Price

38-year-old Richard Browning is a UK inventor who is turning fiction into reality. Browning has built and is perfecting a real-life Iron Man suit. No word on if he plans to add weapons (I hope not because that can’t end well.) But it already allows you to fly.

As you can imagine, people are dying to get one made for themselves or see it in person.

According to Live Science:

Since the unveiling of his innovation, Browning has been flooded not only with invitations to demonstrate the technology at high-profile events but also with queries from daredevils and wealthy technology lovers keen to have their own Iron Man-style flying suits, the inventor said.

“The cost is about $250,000, so it’s something that you could buy instead of a Lamborghini,” Browning said. “It’s not intended for the mass market at this stage.”

Not intended for the mss market at $250,000. I think that goes without saying.