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Everything You Need to Know About the Raiders’ Move to Vegas


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Wow. What has been called a bluff for years by football fans is actually becoming a reality. The Raiders are leaving Oakland and heading to Las Vegas.

Take a minute. Let it sink in.

Raiders owner Mark Davis, son of former owner Al Davis, has spent years trying to get the city of Oakland to build his team a new stadium. They currently play in the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum which is also the home of MLB’s Oakland Athletics. The Raiders are the only NFL team who share a stadium with a baseball team. If you’ve watched a game, you have seen the baseball diamond on the field which looks like trash. That’s some high school stuff. The Raiders’ players do deserve better than that.

I remember when it was first rumored that Davis was threatening to move the Raiders to Las Vegas. Everyone laughed and called it a bluff to get a new stadium in Oakland. Then he met with Vegas officials. Still bluffing. Then he submitted designs for a stadium. Still bluffing. Then he filed for relocation. STILL. BLUFFING. It wasn’t until today when league owners voted 31-1 (the Miami Dolphins were the only team to vote against) and approved the move that it is no longer a bluff. It’s a reality.

For the record, I think the move sucks. Ya, I think the Raiders playing in a baseball stadium is trash. But, that’s not the city of Oakland’s fault. Mark Davis and the NFL expect the city to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to build the stadium. Which means the people get taxed and they pay for it. Davis and NFL ownership are all billionaires. Pay for your own stadium. Just F.Y.I., the citizens of Nevada will be paying taxes now to cover $750 million. Good luck with that.

Here are the important facts you need to know about the Raiders move from Oakland to Las Vegas.

When are the Raiders moving to Las Vegas?

The Raiders are moving in 2019.

What happens to season-ticket holders?

Season-ticket holders are entitled to immediate refunds if they want them. Otherwise, they can keep the tickets until the team moves.

Where in Vegas is the new stadium?

They still haven’t even decided on a location! It will be somewhere near the strip, though. It will be a 65,000 seat stadium that won’t be complete until 2020.

When will the Raiders change their name?

They will still be the Oakland Raiders until they officially move to Vegas.

What does Mark Davis look like?

This. He looks like this.

Oakland Raiders moving to Las Vegas facts. (2)

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