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Shark Week’s ‘Phelps vs Shark’ Was a Complete Sham and People Are Pissed


Shark Week's 'Phelps vs Shark' Was a Complete Sham and People Are Pissed.

Shark Week Misleads Viewers About ‘Phelps vs Shark.’

When Discovery Channel announced Michael Phelps would race a shark for Shark Week, we had some expectations. Obviously, everyone knew they wouldn’t throw Phelps into a tank with a shark and have him swim for his life. But it was almost unanimously assumed Michael and a shark would jump into a custom tank with a glass separator. And if not that, something cool that involved, I don’t know, AN ACTUAL SHARK.


The big “showdown” between man and shark was a total sham. Phelps “raced” a CGI shark for the show. It was a timed race in which they compared times between Phelps and a great white shark. Then they inserted a computer generated shark for visual effect.

People were not happy, understandably, as they felt misled by Discovery Channel.

I’m done with Shark Week. Really, I’ve been done with it for years. But now I have more people to hang out with.