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Watch How Paul Walker Was Added to His Last ‘Fast & Furious’ Movie


Watch How Paul Walker Was Added to His Last'Fast & Furious' Movie.

How Was Paul Walker Added to the Fast and Furious Movie After His Death You Ask?

If you’re a Paul Walker fan or Fast and Furious fan, this video is going to give you the feels. I’m warning you right now, it will make you miss Paul. Its not even an emotional video. But seeing his face and remembering the reason they had to digitally add him to the Furious 7 film forces you to think about the fact that he’s gone.

It’s amazing how much detail went into perfecting Walker’s appearance in the film. Everyone knows they used his brothers as body doubles to shoot the scenes which were filmed after Paul’s death. And most people know the face was changed digitally in post production. But the level of detail, like observing the way shades of the sun reflect off Paul’s face, is incredible. And there are a lot more scenes than I thought in which Walker had to be added digitally.