Home Randomness Animals This Cyclops Goat Can’t Shoot Lasers But Its Still Badass (Video)

This Cyclops Goat Can’t Shoot Lasers But Its Still Badass (Video)


one eyed goat video.

One-Eyed Goat Living in Indian Village is not a Hoax

There is a legit cyclops goat running around India, burning down houses with laser beams and waiting for his invite to join the X-Men. Ok, the last two parts aren’t true. But there is a real one-eyed goat living in a village in Assam, India.

Check it out for yourself.

If you’re curious, here is some more information on the goat and its condition from National Geographic:

Born on May 10 with a single, enormous eye in the center of its face, a baby goat has survived a surprising eight days in a village in Assam, India.

The goat’s condition, called cyclopia, is characterized by the developing brain’s failure to separate into two hemispheres. As a result, the skull only forms a single eye socket. (Read “This Animal’s Eye Makes Up Almost Half of Its Body”)

Most examples of cyclopia occur in mammals—including humans—but in 2011 a dusky shark was discovered to have one cyclops pup among several healthy pups.
Genetic defects are usually to blame, but cyclopia can also be caused by toxins ingested by the mother during pregnancy. Such was the case in Idaho, where sheep who snacked on a plant containing an embryo-stunting poison later gave birth to a decade-long rash of one-eyed lambs.

I hope someone makes this goat an X-Men coat.