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Here’s Your First Look at the New Atari System Which is Similar to NES Classic


New Atari system photos. (2)

The New Atari System Wants a Chunk of the Retro Gaming Market

We are currently in a retro-crazed world obsessed with 90s nostalgia. It makes sense given the age bracket of cashflow heavy spenders. Marketers covet 18 to 39-year-olds as they spend the most frivolous money. And the end of that bracket has the biggest bank accounts as they’ve been in the workforce longer. Also, that age bracket had their developmental years during the 90s. So companies are jamming as much stuff into the market place as possible to extract those nostalgic dollars.

I know Atari was more of an 80s gaming system, but those 90s teens still played it as little kids. So Atari, likely after seeing the success of the NES Classic and hype for the SNES Classic, wants in on the of money train. They announced a new gaming system that allows users to play classic and current games. The Ataribox has a design seen in these photos, but hasn’t actually been built yet. Atari plans to crowdfund the cost of mass producing the console. So who knows when this will actually come out. If it even does come out as it could not hit funding goals.

New Atari system photos. (4)

Here’s a little more about the Ataribox from The Verge:

In an email to Atari fans, the company reveals “our objective is to create something new, that stays true to our heritage, while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.” The new Ataribox is clearly inspired by the classic wood found on the Atari 2600, and the new console features ribbed lines, a raised back, and a front panel that can either be glass or wood. Indicator lights glow through these materials, and Atari is including SD card support, a HDMI port, and four USB ports on the Ataribox. Two versions of the Ataribox will be released, one in wood, and one in black / red.

New Atari system photos. (3)New Atari system photos. (1)

Guess we’ll see what happens on Kickstarter.