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This Massive Cheeseburger Can Be Yours for Only $3.82


Massive Cheeseburger photos. (1)

Clogged Arteries Are Worth It For This Massive Cheeseburger

I love a good food challenge. Pushing yourself to consume an unnecessary amount of meat simply for bragging rights is what freedom is all about. Don’t lecture me about hungry kids in other countries. I donate a $1 every time they ask me at checkout. I do my part so I should be able to enjoy myself from time to time. Even if the way I enjoy myself is fattening up like a Thanksgiving turkey until my stomach hurts. Then being forced to sleep on my back because rolling on my stomach may cause vomiting.

The massive cheeseburger above and below is 1 lb. in weight. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but just look at the photos! You’d expect this fattening piece of gluttony to be available somewhere in the United States, but its actually at a place calledĀ Morrisons in Britain. Morrisons, a supermarket chain, has butchers making these handmadeĀ monstrosities leading into Father’s Day. The belly busters only cost $3.82 each, but will only be available until Sunday.

Massive Cheeseburger photos. (2)

If you have a father, and you love him, and you live in Britain: You know what you have to do.

Source: Independent