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This Kid Turning His Head 180 Degrees is Some Straight Up Exorcist Stuff (Video)


Kid Turns head around video.

Kid Turning Head Around Also Turns My Stomach

This is the creepiest shit I’ll see this month. I’m still trying to understand how his head doesn’t fall off when he spins it around like a doll head. There are plenty of contortionists out there who bend in ways humans are not meant to. It’s normally very cool to see. But the neck area is the one place they don’t mess with. That is supposed to kill you.

Not this boy. He’s all about that exorcism life. I can’t stress enough how creepy it is to see this young man whip his head 180 degrees while his body remains facing the other direction. Then he returns back to normal, flips his boyband bangs back into place, and heads out to play like he wasn’t just temporarily possessed by El Diablo.

I did a quick Google search and it appears there is another child like this. The video is from a couple years ago. Maybe they should start some kind of YouTube channel. Although there probably isn’t a lot you can do with spinning heads after the first video. Maybe interview celebrities and creep them out? Try to bob for apples with backward heads? There has to be an angle here somewhere….