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The ‘John Wick 2’ Kill Count Video Compilation is Going to Get You Jacked for Chapter 3


John Wick 2 Kill Count Video Compilation

The John Wick 2 Kill Count Video is 10 Minutes Well Spent

John Wick is one of those movies that became an unexpected cult sensation. Keanu Reeves absolutely killed (literally) in the lead role. The first installment in the soon-to-be trilogy grossed $88 million on a $30 million budget. Plus DVD sales were great so a sequel was guaranteed.

I went into John Wick: Chapter 2 expecting a good time, but nothing compared to the first. I was delightfully wrong as that second hour of John Wick 2 was amazing. As the final scene rolled, I was already counting down the days until Chapter 3.

One of the things that make the Wick movies so great is the insane kill count. In the first feature, John murdered 76 bad guys in some crazy ways.

In the sequel, Mr. Wick took out an astonishing 125+ people in some even crazier scenes. If you want to get jacked up for Chapter 3 (probably 2019,) check out the John Wick: Chapter 2 kill count compilation below.

Source: BroBible