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Jimmy Kimmel Rants About the United Incident Then Reveals Hilarious New Airline Commercial (Video)


Jimmy Kimmel United Commercial video.

United Airlines Has a New, More Accurate, Advertisement

The entire United Airlines incident where a customer who paid for a ticket then was semi-beat and dragged out of his seat is known by everyone at this point. It’s downright disgusting, honestly. The practice of overbooking airplanes is infuriating. Airlines are billion dollar companies. If you want to have flexibility to give staff seats, then don’t sell a handful of seats on every flight. I don’t care how much they offered this guy and others to get off the plane. If they would rather take the flight home they paid for, then that’s what they should get to do. The airline can stick their employees on another flight.

The “apology” by United C.E.O. Oscar Munoz was debatably even worse than the incident.

United airlines apology response.

In his statement, he apologizes for “having to re-accommodate these customers.” Not, “Hey, sorry we had a doctor hit in the face, bloodied, then carried off the plane with his jiggly belly hanging out.” Munoz has the nerve to basically say he’s sorry that his paying customers didn’t get off the plane despite buying tickets well in advance of their flight. He’s sorry his customers expected to get what they paid for.

Anyway, Jimmy Kimmel goes into details for 4 minutes before launching the new United Airlines advertisement. You can skip to the 4:09 mark if you only want to watch the hilarious video.