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Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend By Putting A Ring Inside a McNugget and Asking Her to McMarry Him


Man proposes with ring in McNugget. (1)

McNuggets: The New Aphrodisiac

We’ve all been there right? Sitting at McDonald’s, jamming McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce down our fat faces, when all of a sudden you feel love. The emotions are so strong you just want to get married right then and there.

Queue this dude who knows the power of bite-sized friend chicken. His girlfriend is an obsessive nugget eater and he knew that the best way to ask for her hand in marriage was to jam a diamond ring inside a McNugget. Then step his game up another level by writing the phrase, “Will You McMarry Me??” inside the box.

You think I’m kidding?

Man proposes with ring in McNugget. (2)

Boom. He got her parents permissions and everything.

From Barstool Sports:

After getting the blessing from his girlfriend’s parents, the guy went to a nearby McDonald’s early in the morning and asked for McNuggets. While he was initially denied his request because it was still breakfast hours, the entire staff got together, prepped the necessary equipment, and cooked a special order of 20 McNuggets once the manager learned that he wanted them for a wedding proposal.

I was ready to call it a white trash move but they seem like nice people in this video so I’m not going to be a dick. They’re happy. You do you boos.