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The GOAT Tom Brady Isn’t Holding Back Celebrating Getting His 5th Super Bowl Ring


Tom Brady 5 Super Bowl Rings. (3)

It Doesn’t Suck to be the GOAT

Last night the GOAT, Tom Brady, and the rest of the New England Patriots’ players and staff received their Super Bowl 51 rings. In what is becoming a semi-annual tradition, Pats owner Robert Kraft threw a party celebrating a Super Bowl win and to officially distribute the high-priced bling.

And high-priced it is.

The championship ring has 283 diamonds to celebrate the team’s historic comeback from a 28-3 deficit. That’s a lot of diamonds. Good thing for Kraft’s gigantic wallet the team didn’t come back from a 48-3 deficit.

Tom Brady 5 Super Bowl Rings. (2)

Tom Brady now has a ring for every finger on his hand plus his thumb. He sure wasn’t shy about showing them off at the party. As well he shouldn’t be. He needs to remind the haters who still cling to the idea Peyton Manning is better that, no, he definitely isn’t. And all the haters who still complain the Patriots are cheaters instead of accepting they are just the greatest team in the NFL under head coach Bill Belichick. Although, does this look like the face of a man who cares about his haters?

Tom Brady 5 Super Bowl Rings. (1)

The best video of the night comes via Martellus Bennett when he asked Brady to show off his ring collection.

Last night was dope. Tonight will be even better. #Celebrating6

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Again, it does not suck to be the GOAT.