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Little Girl’s Bucket List is Hilariously Strange (4 Photos)


Funny bucket list items. (4)

All Bucket Lists Should Be This Epic

This 10-year-old girl has better goals than I do as an adult. I have stupid stuff on my bucket list like “travel to all seven continents.” Jesse here wants to eat sharks and bears. I’m ashamed of myself for not thinking more outside the box. Below is her completely awesome bucket list.Funny bucket list items. (3)

1. Eat a hammerhead shark, snake, and bear
2. Get a pet blobfish, kola (I’m assuming this means koala), sloth, and flingo (flamingo?)
3. Get a sign that said something in a different language and then on Mar 12, 2019 I will translate it.
4. Try Ariel silks
5. Set in an empty room for a hour
6. Eat 10 Taco Bell Dorito taco
7. Win a Taco Bell Dorito taco eating contest
8. Stay asleep for 24 hours
9. Pet a cheetah

The list went viral after her older brother Josh discovered the list and posted it online.

Funny bucket list items. (2)

And here is Jesse. She has knocked any items off the list yet. But she did eat six Doritos Los Tacos on her birthday. So she’s working her way up to item number six on her list. Looking forward to what she adds to her list next year.

Funny bucket list items. (1)

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