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Former Cubs Catcher Catches Fart in the Face on DWTS (Video)


Cubs catcher David Ross Gets Fart in the Face (Video.)

David Ross Gets a Stinky Surprise During Rehearsal

Former Cubs catcher and World Series champion David Ross is still going on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. I’m sure he signed up for the show thinking he knew everything there was to expect: intense rehearsals, long days, snippy judges….and farts to the face.

Ok, he definitely didn’t expect that last one but he sure got it during rehearsal with his partner Lindsay Arnold. Ross dropped Arnold on her butt earlier and apparently her butt wanted some payback.

From Yahoo:

Arnold did a cartwheel, which ended with her in a handstand in front of Ross — and then she passed gas. Not only was her rear only just a few inches from the slugger’s face; it was directly on top of his mic.

The two dancers immediately collapsed in laughter. Arnold’s initial hypothesis was that she tooted out of revenge: “He dropped me on my butt and then my butt was mad at him. It was payback.” But in the end, she blamed it on the salsa. “That sci-fi salsa got to me; that sci-fi salsa will get you every time,” she said.

The best part is after the mic catches the fart, Ross drops Arnold (again) and the two start uncontrollably laughing. So you can be rich, famous, achieve success at the highest level of your profession: and still find farts funny.