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This List of Best NFL Fans is Going to Excite or Enrage You

Best NFL fans.

The Best NFL Fans Love the Cowboys and Patriots

The list of the best NFL fans is going to make you puff out your chest or hang your head in shame. Or fill you with visceral anger. It all depends on where your team ranks. It’s really not a surprise to see the Cowboys and Patriots in the top 2 spots. They have massive fanbases who will argue to the death how great their team is. One needs to look no further than Twitter during Deflategate to see Pats fans would literally die for their team. The list is more fun at the bottom. The worst fanbase in the NFL in the Chiefs. Despite the “loudest stadium in the country,” they’re even worse than the Jaguars. Yikes.

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  1. Cowboys
  2. Patriots
  3. Eagles

  4. Giants
  5. Steelers
  6. Saints

  7. Bears
  8. Broncos
  9. Packers

  10. 49ers
  11. Colts
  12. Ravens

  13. Jets
  14. Dolphins
  15. Redskins

  16. Bills
  17. Panthers
  18. Seahawks

  19. Falcons
  20. Raiders
  21. Lions

  22. Texans
  23. Vikings
  24. Chargers

  25. Buccaneers
  26. Browns
  27. Cardinals

  28. Bengals
  29. Jaguars
  30. Titans

  31. Rams
  32. Chiefs

The method for ranking fanbases was devised by Professor Michael Lewis at Emory University. He used metrics such as home box office revenues and support on social media. Of course, that method isn’t an exact science. So Lewis has these words:

“There are likely some objections to the list. Patriot fans are bandwagon fans! The Steelers are too low! The Eagles above the Packers or Bears?! Way too much to get into in a short blog post but a couple of comments.

First, Patriot fans may be bandwagon fans. But at this point it is tough to tell. The team has been excellent and the fans have been supportive for a long time. And even when things tend to go wrong for the Patriots they come out ahead. I believe that the deflate gate controversy had a significant positive impact on the Patriots’ social media following. Visit the mega888 original and play the best online casinos.

The Steelers are low in Fan Equity and higher on the other metrics. We can trace this to the Steelers pricing. The Steelers seem to price on the low side of what is possible.”

This list is pretty solid in my opinion. Ya, every team has pockets of diehard fans who will scream and yell that they should be #1. But I’ve been to more than half of this country. I’ve seen these fans firsthand. The list gets a lot of it right.

Source: CBS Sports