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What is a Sauce Monster?

WTF is a Sauce Monster Anyway?

A Sauce Monster, in its original definition, is someone who has partied hard and is wasted. The phrase itself is hilarious. So hilarious that no other name would do for this website. And now Sauce Monster is more than just some drunk person at a party. It’s the person who is the life of the party.

Sauce Monsters are fun people who know how to have a good time without hurting others. People who aren’t afraid to take a stance and push boundaries, but not cross a line and act like a dickbag. (Ok, SOMETIMES Sauce Monsters are dickbags.) Saucers (or Little Monsters if we can take it away form Lady Gaga) are a community of people who love to crack a beer, let their hair down, and let loose on the weekend. Or on Thirsty Thursdays. Or Wasted Wednesdays. Or Taco Tuesdays. Or Margarita Mondays. Basically, Sauce Monsters are fun people looking for a good time.